Moisture Ingress & Drainage Requirements – Healthy Homes Standard

Ground Moisture Barrier

The tenancy premises must have an efficient ground moisture barrier if practicable to install.

Drainage and Gutters

The tenancy premises must have a drainage system that efficiently drains stormwater, surface water, and groundwater to an appropriate outfall. The drainage system must include proper gutters, downpipes, and flows for the removal of water from the roof.

Does my rental property need a ground moisture barrier?

Rental properties won’t need a ground moisture barrier if it’s not reasonably practicable to install. For example, if the house has a concrete base. There are also exemptions if the premises is due to be demolished or substantially rebuilt and if the landlord is not the owner of the whole tenancy building. There is also an exemption for 12 months only if the tenant is the former owner.

Deadlines for compliance

  1. All private rental properties must comply within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy after 01/07/2021.
  2. Otherwise all private rental properties must comply by 01/07/2024.
  3. Housing New Zealand and other Government Housing Providers have until 01/07/2023 to achieve compliance.
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