The Draught Stopping Requirements – Healthy Homes Standard

Open Fireplaces

Open fireplaces must be closed off or its chimney must be blocked in a way that prevents draughts into and out of the tenancy premises through the fireplace.

Gaps and Holes

The tenancy premises must be free from gaps and holes in building elements that are not part of the drainage

In what circumstances can tenants use fireplaces?

If the tenant and landlord agree, an open fireplace can be used at the rental premises.

Alternatively, a fireplace and its chimney doesn’t need to be blocked if it is free from gaps or holes that allow draughts, is safe and maintained in good working order. For example, a fireplace with a tempered glass door.

Deadlines for compliance

  1. All private rental properties must comply within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy after 01/07/2021.
  2. Otherwise all private rental properties must comply by 01/07/2024.
  3. Housing New Zealand and other Government Housing Providers have until 01/07/2023 to achieve compliance.
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